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A white label marketplace platform embedded directly within University websites

Ulyngo provides a white labeled marketplace solution, custimized for each University. We are a fully hosted, private solution with a proprietary PCI complient payment system and ensure student safety.

Monitor and Manage Ulyngo at will

It’s our job to run Ulyngo, to make sure that all users and posts follow our guidelines. We’ve built a revolutionary University portal that enables admin access to view all activity while viewing live analytics reporting.

Increase Reach and Engagemnet

Universities currently reach their students via email, despite the fact that 22% of emails are read compared to 98% of push notifications. Through our University Admin Portal, Universities can create their own push notifications and send them to targeted groups of student users.


We like to share.

Ulyngo engages in a revenue share program with each University that partners. Let’s grow together!

An accessible platform for all devices

Students can access Ulyngo’s marketplace and complete all activites on web, iOS, android, Windows 10 and more!