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What Students Have to Say About A Campus-Wide Sharing Economy:

Agree it’s better for more affordable

Agree it makes life more convenient and efficient

Agree it’s better for the environment

Agree it builds a stronger community

The most robust student commerce technology in existence.

With features like internal messaging, digital payments, search-by-dorm, signle-sign-on authentication, and the ability to launch at any campus in a matter of days, Ulyngo is proud to be the market leader in student commerce technology. Ulyngo’s marketplace facilitates student-to-student transactions and supports student groups and organizations and their e-commerce activities (tickets, branded merchandise, membership dues, and more).

We say we can launch at any campus in days. Don’t believe us? Click here to view a customized marketplace for your campus.


Through SSO authentication and our enterprise-grade data protection system, Ulyngo offers the only safe and campus-exclusive marketplace available for universities.

Universally Accessible

Built for the mobile-first student, Ulyngo is easily accessible on any mobile device. Students can access our marketplace on any web browser and universities can even integrate their Ulyngo Marketplace easily within their existing campus branded mobile apps.

Adds No Technical Debt

We understand that your university has many different priorities, but accomplishing any new initiative can tedious, time-consuming, and long process to get any new technology live. We’ve built Ulyngo to be the easiest and fastest solution to go live on campus so you can launch your campus marketplace without compromising your other projects or adding more technical debt.


Whether you want Ulyngo’s marketplace on the front page of your campus app, powering commerce through your student organization portals, or integrated with your campus store, Ulyngo can be simply integrated within any existing campus system and technology.

Why Invest in A Campus Marketplace?

A marketplace is the missing piece in a universities student life services offering.

Built for all sides of student life

Student Life

IT Department

Residential Life

Student Organizations

Analyze and manage the e-commerce side of student life.

Analyze platform metrics, usage, data marketplace through our intuitive administrative back-end tool. The admin tool, free with every marketplace, also allows for total site management and moderation, though Ulyngo commits to handling all user support and platform management.
  • Track user signups
  • Track weekly and monthly growth
  • View all posts on marketplace and moderate content anytime
  •  Track transaction volume and worth of goods on marketplace
  • Moderation control
  • Save and upload data to CSV

One platform, countless integrations.

Want your marketplace in your existing mobile app? What about student/group portal? Ulyngo’s marketplace drives engagement with your existing technology. Our universally accessible platform already integrates within some of the leading campus technology platforms from mobile apps, campus bookstores, payment systems, student portals, amongst others.

Ulyngo’s marketplace can be integrated within any of our partner platforms in a matter of minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Launching and Getting Engagement

Ulyngo’s campus engagement team will provide your university with our Marketplace Launch Guide, 75+ design assets for print and digital marketing collateral, dedicated account managers for questions, and on-campus support resources at request. Universities can enjoy all of this, and more, at no additional cost.

Transaction Fee's and Revenue Share

Ulyngo takes a 5% fee on all items and services transacted over the platform. Of the revenue generated on each marketplace, Ulyngo shares between 10-20% with each campus. Universities have developed creative ways to utilize the revenue share program like creating new scholarship funds, increasing the operating budgets of student organizations, and more. For more information on our transaction fee and revenue share program, click here.

How quickly can Ulyngo be deployed?

Ulyngo can be customized, integrated, and launched at a campus in less than 1 week. There is little-to-no technical work required by a school to integrate or customize a campus marketplace. For more questions on how to get started, contact one of our technical professionals here.


Our platform can easily integrate in existing University portals and campus technology. (i.e. Student ID authentication and payments, mobile app marketplace module/widget, on-campus and online bookstores, etc.).

Security and Liability

Ulyngo uses student ID authentication to verify the identity of student users. Additionally, all transactions are completed digitally through an anti-fraud, PCI level-1 compliant payment process and can be integrated into University payment systems.

Ulyngo shall defend, indemnify and hold your University and its subsidiaries, agents, managers, and other affiliated companies, and their employees, contractors, agents, officers and directors, harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses. For more information, please read out Terms of Service.


Here’s a list of some of Ulyngo’s infrastructure compliance and certifications: CJISCSA Cyber Essentials PlusDoD SRG Levels 2 and 4FedRAMPFERPAFIPS 14-2FISMA, DIACAP, and NIST. We continue to receive certificates for our platforms accessibility and compliance. Please contact us to hear more about our certificates.

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