Enhance Your Workplace Through a Community of Commerce

Ulyngo For the Workplace

Ulyngo is a marketplace platform that increases and enhances employee community engagement safety involvement

Manage, Monetize, and Optimize the e-commerce side of your employees and colleagues.

No training or technical knowledge required! Our intuitive administrative back-end tool will enable you to analyze the purchasing trends of students and manage the platform.
  • Track General User Activity
  • Save and Upload Data to CSV
  • Branded for Your School
  •  Make Data Driven Decisions
  • Moderation Control
  • Assist with Platform Questions

A Marketplace for Co-working Communities

Enhance your co-working community through Ulyngo’s Community of Commerce.

A community of commerce is a network of organizations and individuals that buy, sell, and exchange goods and services within a collectively-defined community culture, a culture that is based on articulated, shared, more-than-economic values.*

We want to drive engagement within existing technology  and that’s why our marketplace can be easily integrated within your existing mobile apps .

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should universities adopt a marketplace?

There’s a clear connection between peer-to-peer commerce and community engagement. By offering a marketplace for employees, colleagues, and workspace members, you will increase engagement, strengthen community, and offer a service that makes life easier. Establish your community of commerce today!

How secure is Ulyngo?

Ulyngo uses student ID authentication to verify the identity of student users. Additionally, all transactions are completed digitally through an anti-fraud, PCI level-5 compliant payment process and can be integrated into existing payment systems. Users can also purchase with ApplePay, Google Wallet, Venmo, Paypal, and more.


Ulyngo shall defend, indemnify and hold your company and its subsidiaries, agents, managers, and other affiliated companies, and their employees, contractors, agents, officers and directors, harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses. For more information, please read out Terms of Service.


Our platform can easily integrate in existing University portals and campus technology. (i.e. Employee ID authentication and payments, mobile app marketplace module/widget, on-campus and online company stores, etc.).

What Can Be Customized?

Enjoy a completely customized, white-labeled platform on both web and mobile. This includes brand identity, color matching, custom quick links, single sign-on and more.


Here’s a list of some of Ulyngo’s infrastructure compliance and certifications: CJISCSA Cyber Essentials PlusDoD SRG Levels 2 and 4FedRAMPFERPAFIPS 14-2FISMA, DIACAP, and NIST. We continue to receive certificates for our platforms accessibility and compliance. Please contact us to hear more about our certificates.

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The image above is an example of how our marketplace implements within existing systems. WeWorks does not have Ulyngo’s marketplace technology.

Strengthen Community and Student Engagement

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