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Launch a campus marketplace to facilitate and streamline all aspects of student commerce.

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Campus Marketplace


Agree it’s more affordable


Agree it makes life more convenient and efficient


Agree it’s better for the environment


Agree it builds a stronger community

Facilitating student commerce benefits everyone on campus.

Student Organizations

Streamline and optimize the commercial activities of student organizations like membership dues, ticket sales, branded merchandise, philanthropies, and more.

Interested in how Ulyngo supports student organizations? Click here.

Campus Bookstores

As textbook sales decrease and competition from outside retailers increase, bookstores can utilize Ulyngo’s marketplace technology to diversify sales and increase revenue.

Are you a part of a college store and want to learn more? Click here.

Residential Life & Sustainability

Create a safer campus by offering students an alternative to Craigslist, increase sustainability through students sharing items they’d otherwise discard, and ease the move-in/move-out process of students with an easy way for them to find what they need and sell what they don’t.

IT Departments

Ulyngo’s technology is robust but simple to launch on campus. Integrating Ulyngo in campus apps, websites, payment gateways, portals, and more, requires little to no work by a universities IT Departments through Ulyngo’s strategic partnerships.

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Not just mobile-optimized...

Built for the Mobile-First Student

Launch a Custom Marketplace App

No campus app? No problem. Ulyngo can customize a marketplace mobile application as a stand-alone solution.

Easily Integrated Within Existing Campus App

Easily integrate your campus marketplace within your existing campus app in minutes. Utilizing the push notifications from your campus app, Ulyngo’s marketplace will drive engagement and retention to your existing technology.

Effectively Reach Students

Utilize push notifications from Ulyngo's marketplace on your campus app to increase in-app retention and usage.

Accessible on Any Device

Ulyngo is the only marketplace platform in HigherEd that offers a mobile-oriented commercial platform that can streamline activities for both college stores and student transactions

Mobile is the Key to Engagement

Mobile technology is leading the way when it comes to reaching students where they are. Offering a mobile-centric marketplace makes it easy for students to engage in our marketplace and possible for universities to reach their students.

A Robust Platform for All Aspects of Student Life

A Safer Campus

Through SSO authentication and our enterprise-grade data protection system, Ulyngo offers the only safe and campus-exclusive marketplace available for universities.

Universal Accessibility

Built for the mobile-first student, Ulyngo is easily accessible on any mobile device. Students can access our marketplace on any web browser and universities can even integrate their Ulyngo Marketplace easily within their existing campus branded mobile apps.


Whether you want Ulyngo’s marketplace on the front page of your campus app, powering commerce through your student organization portals, or integrated with your campus store, Ulyngo can be simply integrated within any existing campus system and technology.

Internal messaging between users
Create offers and pay instantly using credit/debit/student points through Ulyngo’s PCI compliant digital payment process.
Beautiful and user friendly listing views for easy product search and comparison.
Detailed advanced search based on price, condition, keyword, or even unqie campus location (specific dorm, campus apartment, etc.)

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