5 Takeaways from COMTEC 2018:

Wow. What a week!

COMTEC 2018 did not disappoint and TouchNet’s entire team deserves a huge shout out for putting the entire conference on themselves – it was a smashing success! Thank you to everyone who came by Ulyngo’s booth and who listened to our CEO’s session with Chapman University.

Now that COMTEC is behind us, our team has put together our top 5 takeaways from the conference. Check them out below and let us know what you think:


Be a Yes Person, Not a No Person!

Saying 'no' to student organizations, especially when it comes to the fundraising or commercial initiatives they try to create is frustrating. Unfortunately, there are no simple options for student organizations to easily launch new commercial initiatives and process payments easily. Solving this problem would be huge.


Give Students the Power

Most of the commercial landscape in HigherEd involves the university creating a storefront or selling directly to a student. Allowing students to become the content creators opens up opportunities for the university to manage and facilitate new types of campus commerce, increasing operational efficiency, organization, transparent reporting, the engagement between students, and other impactful benefits.


Unify, Unify, Unify!

More platforms do not equal better experiences. Universities and technology companies in HigherEd are taking a more direct approach to unify the student experience to a single platform (mobile apps, LMS, etc.). Payments are a key side of technology that is ready to be unified.
One platform, all of student commerce made easy.


Mobile optimization is critically important.

Last year, 1/3 of all e-commerce happened on a mobile device and will near 50% by 2020, and it's no accident that millennials and consumers ages 18-24 are most active when it comes to mobile commerce. HigherEd is catching up when it comes to offering mobile resources to its students (e.g. branded campus apps) but when it comes to commerce, HigherEd is far behind.


Customizations Are a Must

After speaking with hundreds of universities, we've realized that in some ways that while there are many similarities between campuses, there are also many differences. Additionally, the needs of students and universities can develop and change over the years and it's critical for technology providers to allow for an anticipate those changing needs.

Building a one size fits all solution can only go so far, and it's critical for technology providers in HigherEd to have solutions for universities that are dynamic and customizable, without charging for significant and large fees.

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