With Ulyngo, bookstores stay affordable, relevant, convenient, and competitive.

Creating an opportunity for college stores to increase revenue, diversify sales, and stay competitive in the ever-changing retail and e-commerce landscape.

Ulyngo and College Stores

Ulyngo’s marketplace reinforces the mission of college stores and opens doors to new opportunities.

Buy-Back Programs

While students can sell their used textbooks directly to their community, they can also utilize Ulyngo’s ISBN Capture which can directly connect to a college store’s existing buyback program.

Textbook Affordability

The used goods market that students create on campus offers the most affordable prices. Bookstores facilitating a campus marketplace will directly be the cause of a more affordable student experience.

Increase Revenue

College stores can promote and facilitate affordable textbook exchanges between students, while monetizing the transaction

Data and Automation

Make data-driven decisions on price, store inventory, offerings, etc. through marketplace data. Stores can utilize marketplace data to launch automated in-app advertisements.

Ulyngo is providing a service that is long overdue – allowing College campuses to create a unique marketplace tailored to their needs. I can think of no Campus entity (College Bookstores) better positioned for the implementation. They already have working relations with Campus IT, Student information, housing, etc. This could be a big move for the College Store Industry. 
As textbook sales have been on the steady decline, new ways to generate revenue is a must.

Carlo ChavezAssistant Director of Course Materials, UC Davis Stores

Looking deeper at how Ulyngo supports college bookstores

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Revenue & Margins

Bookstores can utilize marketplace data to understand the purchasing trends of students, price their current inventory, and grow textbook buyback programs by knowing the textbooks students are selling to each other.

Bookstores can view marketplace data and upsell relevant content to students, an effective tool to diversify sales. (e.g. if a student purchases a bed from another student, the bookstore can send an offer of bed sheets).

Engagement & Reach

Ulyngo's marketplace is a highly engaged platform because of the network effect that our two-sided marketplace creates. Students are the content creators and are able to communicate and pay without leaving our mobile solution.

Through Ulyngo's mobile marketplace, bookstores will now be able to reach students in the most effective way - through mobile.

New Initiatives

Having access to a P2P marketplace on campus offers a new way to launch initiatives without any technical development or cost:

Creating an ’Open-box’ or ‘Certified Refurbished’ program within your store

College stores can offer rentals on products thought Ulyngo’s marketplace rental system
Targeted and predictive product placements/advertisements within the marketplace

Use Ulyngo’s marketplace for any campus payments (student organizations, event registrations, ticket, exclusive sales, etc.)

Drive the cost of textbooks down and increase your sales by integrating your textbook buyback system with Ulyngo’s ISBN Capture

Launch dedicated marketplace mobile app through Ulyngo

Percentage of mobile transactions made by millennials
Percentage of e-commerce transactions made via mobile device
Percentage of College Students Using Sharing Economies

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