Membership dues, branded merchandise, ticketing, registration, philanthropic efforts.

If it's a payment and it has to do with student organizations, we've got you covered.

Ulyngo Marketplace

Group Payments Made Easy

Ulyngo brings group commerce digital through our marketplace solution. Students organization officers can create posts on the marketplace for their peers to purchase using any credit/debit card as well as their student ID payment system.

Section No. 2

Robust Admin Portal

University staff will be able to track, manage, and monitor all transactions made on their campus marketplace. They can easily delineate and view revenues made by specific groups, track activity, and can download portal analytics.

Students who are officers of specific groups will be able to access a unique portal for them to track analytics, sales, and revenue processed by their student organization.

Bringing Groups Mobile

By utilizing Ulyngo’s marketplace universities can support student-to-student transactions as well as group-to-student sales.

Branded merchandise, fund-raising activities, services, products, and membership dues are just a few of the commercial activities that student organizations and groups engage in. When a university launches their campus marketplace, student organizations have access to a centralized digital sales and transaction tool.

For seamless user experiences, Ulyngo can integrate within student and organization portals, campus payment gateways, mobile apps, etc.


Student organizations can digitally and directly list membership dues, branded merchandise, products services, tickets, and more to their entire campus year-round. All revenue through debit/credit transactions directly and securely deposited to a designated bank account.


Accessible on any device, group and club officers can create listings on the go, on any mobile device.


Organizations can promote themselves through branded merchandise and product listings created on the marketplace. Through Ulyngo, groups can sell items and facilitate sales 24/7 through our e-commerce tool instead of ‘tabling’ for hours to students who rarely carry cash.


Utilizing Ulyngo’s seller administrative portal, student organizations can analyze and track data and performance of their marketplace activity and listings.

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