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benefits everyone on campus.

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Adds No Technical Debt

IT Departments

If your mobile app, payment gateway, portal, etc. is powered by one of our partners, integrations can take minutes. Ulyngo’s marketplace requires no time or work by a university to customize their campus marketplace. we handle it all. Ulyngo also adds new features, both independently and upon request, at no additional cost.

At Chapman, we are always looking for ways to enhance the student experience. Adding Ulyngo provides an easy-to-use student marketplace that will create a more sustainable and affordable campus experience.

Helen NorrisChief Information Officer
Streamlining Student Life Transactions

Student Life Services

A centralized marketplace offers an opportunity for student life services to streamline various student-life services and initiatives on campus. Whether it's discounted tickets, event registration, branded merchandise, etc., everything can happen on Ulyngo's platform.

Students need an easier and safer marketplace to buy and sell to each other. Ulyngo’s robust and mobile-friendly marketplace platform is a perfect fit for us at CSUN, allowing us to stay committed to making campus life and housing a more enjoyable, affordable, and sustainable experience, while also generating revenue for our student organizations.

Kevin M.PR and Marketing
Better Living Experience for Students

Residential Life

Let’s face it, moving in and out of a house, apartment, or even dorm is an absolute pain. Ulyngo’s marketplace platform for University Housing enables students to buy and sell items within specific housing or dorm locations so they can move into a furnished dorm/house and continue to purchase items close to their vicinity. Whether it’s for incoming students or seniors, our platform streamlines the moving process and helps students save money, time, and energy.

"At Chapman, we are always looking for ways to enhance the student experience. Adding Ulyngo provides an easy-to-use student marketplace that will create a more sustainable and affordable campus experience."

David S.Director of Residence Life and First Year Experience
An initiative for students, by students

Student Government Associations

Students are the ones feeling the pain that Facebook Groups, Craigslist, Offer Up, etc. present when trying to buy and sell. Not only do students resonate with Ulyngo’s platform, but our marketplace provides a valuable tool for Student Governments to offer their peers that can generate significant revenue for their operational budget.

"We are committed to building awareness and adoption among our student body and the upcoming features to post and search by on-campus housing location, curriculum, and even lifestyle will make this a very relevant service for our students."

Mitchell R.Student Government President at Chapman University
Affordability, Safety, Convenience, and Simplicity

Students Need Ulyngo

Ulyngo was built from the ground up by college students, for college students. We understand, better than anyone, the challenges that students face today when trying to buy and sell simply, safely and easily.

I approached Ulyngo because my university lacks a safe and customer friendly marketplace platform that allows me to buy and sell items on campus worry-free. We use craigslist or a Facebook “Free & For Sale” group that is primarily filled with unwanted spamming and vendor fraud. A marketplace, such as Ulyngo’s, provides me with the possibility to handle easy and secure sales or purchases with other students affiliated with my university. One thing I love about Ulyngo is my ability to look at the student’s profiles, message him or her in real-time about and pay directly through the marketplace.

Celine L.Student at UC Berkeley

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