What Students Are Saying

  • I’m not much of a Facebook user and I never went to my campus “Class of…” group of “Free and For Sale” group – they were more annoying than anything. There were many times in which I wanted to buy/sell something, but because I didn’t have a singular place to list these items, I tired Craigslist and OfferUp. I got response from people asking to trade drugs for my couch – not really what I was going for and I ended just having to leave it outside my house. I wish my campus offered me a place to list items to buy and sell- it’s more needed now than ever.

    Ian H.
    Ian H.Student at University of North Texas
  • I hate my campus Facebook Groups and never want to use Craigslist or OfferUp because of there is no way that I know if the buyer/seller is actually legit. Ulyngo not only is the only marketplace where I can pay for things without needing cash, but it’s the only centralized place where I know actual students at Oregon are selling things. I also love the custom notifications!

    Mitchell T.
    Mitchell T.Student at Oregon
  • I approached Ulyngo because my university lacks a safe and customer friendly marketplace platform that allows me to buy and sell items on campus worry-free. We use craigslist or a facebook “Free & For Sale” group that is primarily filled with unwanted spamming and vendor fraud. All of these sites lack an easy platform permitting me to buy and sell to other students easily. A marketplace, such as Ulyngo’s, provides me the possibility to handle easy and secure sales or purchases with other students affiliated to my university. One thing I love about Ulyngo is my ability to look at the student’s profiles, message him or her in real-time about the item or events, and pay directly through the marketplace. I find my overall experience to be great; the company seems to emphasize student’s experience and engagement. I would recommend Ulyngo to anyone!

    Celine L
    Celine LStudent UC Berkeley
  • “Ulyngo takes a simple concept and creates a safe space for all to use. Personally, I believe that Ulyngo will change the way all students and myself buy/sell/promote any goods, services, or events. Instead of posting on craigslist and getting a sketchy response or posting on the ‘For Sell’ Facebook page and not getting exactly what you want, the central and primary location of using Ulyngo will change everything.”

    Eric W.
    Eric W.Student at Chapman University
  • I buy and sell stuff all the time and I wish Penn offered a place for me to do it. If I had a marketplace that I knew was for only Penn students, I’d sell things faster and wouldn’t feel like I have to take 5 people with me to meet up with a random person from Craigslist or OfferUp. I’d also save more money and would be able to find products more tailored to my student life.

    Michael F.
    Michael F.Student at University Pennsylvania

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